Jim Valenzuela

Founder & CEO

Jim Valenzuela is a native of Tucson, Arizona and a 1984 graduate of the University of Arizona with a degree in Business Administration. Upon graduation Jim worked in the securities and real estate industries, both in Tucson and Phoenix. In 1990 he accepted a position as an Executive Assistant to a Member of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors. Maricopa County is one of the largest Counties in the United States and while in this role he developed an interest in healthcare delivery systems. In 1991 he accepted a position with the Southwest Harvard Group (SHG) and brought both his real estate and political acumen to SHG in their role of providing resolution/brokerage services to the Resolution Trust Company.

In 1992 he was named as Founding Executive Director of Medical Professionals of Arizona (MedPro). MedPro is one of the largest multi-specialty physician organizations in Arizona, consisting of approximately 300 physicians and a support staff of approximately 200. Responsibilities included the implementation of policy and budget issues as directed by the MedPro Board of Directors, coordination of public affairs, development of business/contractual strategies and management of the day-to-day affairs of the corporation. He was the only non-doctoral degreed shareholder in the company. In his role as Executive Director he brought together his skills in healthcare delivery systems, politics, real estate and business administration to lead the organization to a leading role in Arizona physician affairs. In 1998, he left MedPro to pursue other opportunities that ultimately led to the founding of V’s Barbershops in 1999.

Emily Hutcheson-Brown

Chief Operating Officer

Emily Hutcheson-Brown, Chief Operating Officer for V’s Barbershop,  has over 15 years of relevant work experience and 25 years of small business experience that she brings to V’s Barbershop. Emily has been with V’s since 2006. Her passion for small business and entrepreneurship fueled her career path and lead her into the role she plays with V’s today.

As COO for V’s Barbershop, Emily is responsible for overseeing all franchise operations and franchisee support efforts, supporting new and existing franchisees, as well as assisting Founder and CEO Jim Valenzuela. Emily coordinates new store build-outs, as well as training each new franchise owner on retail procedures and business and grand opening ventures. Additionally, Emily manages the V’s overall marketing program.

Emily attended Mesa State College in Grand Junction, Colorado and received her Bachelor of Business Administration with a major in business management and a minor in human resources. She also earned her degree in accounting at Arizona State University West in 2002.

Chris Mitchell

Vice President, Finance

Chris Mitchell, vice president of finance for V’s Barbershop, has had an active career in the financial sector and brings more than 25 years of experience to his position.

As VP of Finance for V’s Barbershop, Chris is in charge of maintaining the company’s overall fiscal viability. Additionally, he is accountable for assisting new franchisees in developing their business plans, obtaining financing, as well as supporting franchisees through the financial and bookkeeping aspects of running their individual retail stores.

Chris has been part of the V’s team since 2003 and has been instrumental in maximizing the financial success of the company and its franchise partners. He is experienced in all aspects of V’s Barbershop including store operations, new store development, franchisor compliance with regulatory requirements and strategic planning.

Originally from Scotland, Chris has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Accountancy and Finance from Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh. He is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland..

Renae Germinaro

Franchisee Support

Franchisee Support, Renae Germinaro has an extensive background in both a legal and supportive role, where she was a Legal Assistant/Paralegal at the tax and estate planning firm of Olsen-Smith, Ltd. In Phoenix, Arizona for 20 years.

As our lead franchisee support staff member since 2014, Renae is responsible for supporting our current franchisees with their V’s Barbershop locations. She is knowledgeable in all facets of the Barbershop and its’ operations, and is quick to offer help and solutions for those in need.   Renae also coordinates the Federal Disclosure Document for V’s Barbershop Franchise, and assists new franchisees through the legal document preparations necessary to become a new franchisee.

A native Phoenician, Renae has a local background and strong local family ties.

Renae is a graduate of St. Mary’s High School in Phoenix, is married and has two daughters. She is very passionate about her family, and is involved in many activities with her daughters, schools and church.

Boaz Lopez Alvarado

Director of Barbering

Boaz Lopez Alvarado is an Arizona native who has an extreme passion for cutting hair, mentoring fellow barbers and building meaningful relationships with his clients. From sweeping hair in the barbershop at the age of ten to becoming V’s Director of Barbering, Boaz brings many years of valuable experience to the V’s Team.

After high school, Boaz graduated from Barber School and went on to achieve his instructor license in 2012. Since then, he has continued to mentor many graduates in the art of cutting and costumer service. In 2015, Boaz graduated Summa Cum Laude from Arizona State University, with degrees in Criminology and Spanish. After college, Boaz landed a job with the Arizona State board of barbers, where he served as inspector for the state and spent his time renovating and improving the industry across the state of Arizona.

Michele Vanosdell

Accounting Assistant

Michele Vanosdell, grew up in Pensacola Florida where she graduated from Pensacola High School in 1988 and moved to Avondale, Arizona in February of 1990.

Michele briefly attended Devry Institute before moving to Mesa, Arizona, to attend Denver Business College, where she graduated with a certificate in Administrative Business. After graduating, she worked as a bookkeeper and office manager for several different companies. Michele now work for V’s as our Administrative Assistant, managing all of our data entry needs, fulfilling gift card orders and overseeing all charity requests.

Michele has been married for 22 years and has three kids. Her oldest son is a sophomore in college and plays football for Southwestern College. Her other two children will be graduating high school in May and are making preparations to attend college in the Fall.