Shoe Shiner Brings Old-Fashioned Charm to Jenkintown V’s

Meet Ray Edwards, the professional shoe shiner at the Fairway Jenkintown V’s Barbershop.

V's Barbershop Jenkintown Shoe Shine Services from Shoe Shiner Ray Edwards

V’s Barbershop Jenkintown Shoe Shine Services from Professional Shoe Shiner, Ray Edwards

Now 74 years young, Ray began shining shoes when he was 10 years old. Edwards estimates he’s shined around 10,000 shoes over all the years.

In 2015, local Pennsylvania entrepreneurs Craig and Tara Leonardi were looking specifically for a shoe shiner to bring on board their team as they prepared to open the Fairway Jenkintown V’s Barbershop. Through word of mouth, the Leonardis were introduced to Ray Edwards.

“He came out for our grand opening and we haven’t been able to get rid of him ever since,” said Craig with a laugh. “Ray is a terrific person. His energy and passion are infectious in our shop,” Leonardi said. “Ray can have an engaging conversation with anyone. His knowledge of history and current events is remarkable. He really does brighten up everyone’s day.”

Shoe Shine Pricing at the Fairway Jenkintown V’s Barbershop

Shoe shines are complimentary if you are already stopping by the Fairway Jenkintown V’s Barbershop for another barbershop service.

In addition to daily shoe shines, Ray Edwards also reconditions footwear dropped off by customers to V’s – $5 for shoes, $6 for golf shoes and $7 for boots (shoe shine service prices and availability vary by location).

As Edwards explains, “Leather is a skin and it’s porous. By polishing it with an oil-based product, I can extend the life of your shoes by years.”

“A shoe shine from Ray will surely make your day!”

There’s no better way to feel more on top of your game than a freshly shined pair of shoes. Or as they like to say around the Fairway Jenkintown V’s Barbershop, “A shoe shine from Ray will surely make your day!”

Amy Stewart Kroll of Jenkintown, PA recently reviewed Ray’s drop-off shoe shine services on the Fairway Jenkintown V’s Barbershop Facebook Page, “Ray is a class act. He made my horseback riding boots look brand new only better. Soft, supple, and perfectly broken in but a mess, and now with his expertise, they are even better than when I first bought them. Why buy new when you have Ray. You just drop off and pick up, you don’t have to sit there. He’s great and reasonable and well worth the price. Thanks Ray!!! I’ll spread the word.”

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