The Back to School perfect haircut at V’s Barbershop

Bellingham Kid's Haircut


Little Tommy is going back to school. And as soon as he gets on the school bus, he will be talking to his friends about his summer vacation and all his new experiences; after all a summer vacation is a long time for a kid. For little Tommy; fashion is very important; a new back pack, the coolest sneakers; and his favorite super hero somewhere on his clothes are more than likely to be part of his first day of school. It’s all part of making the best impression and be the coolest boy in the classroom. When it comes to being cool, boys are not that different from girls, we’ve all been there. But when the back pack is in little Tommy’s locker and his feet under the table during class, it’s all about having the right haircut. The style that makes mom happy and gives little Tommy the confidence all children need in school.

It is understandable that for many, taking the little boy for a haircut is another item on the long back to school list, especially when you have to wait for as long as ½ hour for a 10 minute haircut. A long ½ hour that allows little Tommy‘s electronic device to run out of battery and Tommy out of patience. At V’s Barbershop you can transform what could potentially turn into a stressful experience into an occasion your child is looking forward to. At V’s Barbershop, your child is treated in a special way where he can even enjoy a beverage while he is in the barber chair.

For the first day of school and throughout the school year, V’s Barbershop has a very unique service for the kids. Aware that little Tommy might have spent several hours under the sun or in the pool this summer; V’s Barbershop is offering special hair treatments for all those kids who have happily enjoyed the summer months. The haircut takes about 30 minutes and during that time little Tommy will feel like one of V’s Barbershop VIPs. He will be treated just like an adult. A haircut that is not just part of the to-do list, but that brings an extra touch of confidence to little Tommy. At V’s Barbershop, a simple haircut is transformed into a bonding event between little Tommy and his dad, grandpa or even big brother.

So when little Tommy gets on the bus the first day of school, he will also be talking about his haircut at V’s Barbershop, where he received a very special hair treatment. He will be talking about sitting in the barber chair, and about getting the haircut he wanted. And although he may not be old enough to know about the good quality products that were used on his hair, he will know he looks good; it’s a Guy Thing!

V’s Barbershop – Bellingham
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