When it comes to the operation of a salon, water is the most important natural resource. Depending on where you live though, water can also represent your biggest managerial headache.

As the world prepares to celebrate the 48th annual Earth Day celebration April 22, SALON TODAY is taking a look at some of the water issues plaguing owners across the country, as well as introducing you to three companies looking at water in different ways, trying to help owners overcome their water related challenges.

Salon groups with locations spread across the country and therefore facing variations in mineral levers, water pressure and waste in each salon, struggle with consistency of service when it comes to water.

Chains can also see the variations in costs. V’s Barbershop witnessed how some of their locations faced higher costs than those in other regions. It was this that prompted V’s operations director, Emily Hutcheson-Brown, to add Ecoheads to V’s fit-out list for all new stores.

“We needed to make sure it was the same experience whether it was happening in Texas, Colorado or Arizona, and that costs were similar,” she says.

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