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How To Use Suavecito's Grooming Spray


Suavecito's Grooming Spray is a non-aerosol set spray for your hair and can be used in conjunction with Suavecito's pomades or without. This hair spray is made to ensure you meet the demands of your personal style. With just a couple of pumps out of the bottle this grooming spray will lock in your style with an iron-clad grip. Use it to dampen your locks before applying pomade, or after to lock in the product for an extra tight hold. It can also be used on its own for a lighter hold and a looser look that does not over stiffen. This hairspray provides a healthy shine to your hair and has a non-flaking formula that will not irritate your hair or scalp. It is the perfect addition to your styling routine and Suavecito pomades.

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