emily brown


Emily Hutcheson-Brown, Chief Operating Officer for V’s Barbershop, has over 15 years of relevant work experience and 25 years of small business experience that she brings to V’s Barbershop. Emily has been with V’s since 2006. Her passion for small business and entrepreneurship fueled her career path and lead her into the role she plays with V’s today.

As COO for V’s Barbershop, Emily is responsible for overseeing all franchise operations and franchisee support efforts, supporting new and existing franchisees, as well as assisting Founder and CEO Jim Valenzuela. Emily coordinates new store build-outs, as well as training each new franchise owner on retail procedures and business and grand opening ventures. Additionally, Emily manages the V’s overall marketing program.

Emily attended Mesa State College in Grand Junction, Colorado and received her Bachelor of Business Administration with a major in business management and a minor in human resources. She also earned her degree in accounting at Arizona State University West in 2002.