Husband and wife business partners are bringing back the classic look and feel of old-time barbershops to the Oklahoma City metro area.

The storefront is called V’s Barbershop, a franchise that started 20 years ago in Phoenix.

Franchise owners Sharif and Stacie Khan moved to Oklahoma City from Houston one year ago. For eight years they took their son to a V’s in Houston where they became big fans of the old-school barbershop look.

“Opening a barbershop has been a dream of mine for years,” Sharif said. “True barbershops today are a lost art because most places are now salons. We wanted to bring a tradition to Oklahoma that hasn’t been seen in years.”

The shop is lined with six antique Koken chairs from the 1950s that were located and purchased by a brokerage for V’s.

“We have brokers that travel coast to coast looking for these chairs, and we can’t open our shops until we have a complete set of six,” Sharif said.

The Khan’s store includes aural and sensory elements such as the sound of jazz from musicians like Ella Fitzgerald and Miles Davis, to the smell of tonic in the air.

“Our goal is to provide a barbershop for three generations of males,” Stacie said. “We want grandpas, dads and sons to come in and share stories of the past while getting their hair trimmed.”

The shop also features multiple flat-screen televisions, a chair to shine shoes, and sports memorabilia highlighting legends such as Muhammad Ali.

“Ali was even a customer at the original V’s,” Sharif said.

V’s Barbershop staffs four licensed barbers, but the Khans plan to hire more to fill all six chair spots in the shop.

“We value our barbers because they are required to perform an additional 300 hours of training to use a straight razor. That’s not something you see every day,” Sharif said.

“We want to be known as the best shave shop in town. This past week we did over 80 shaves in two days.”

The Khan’s shop has 1,200 square feet and is located in the Shoppes at Quail Springs, a shopping and business center owned by Mazaheri Properties.

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